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Creating Lasting Outcomes for Patients

At Professional Treatment Centers, we specialize in outpatient recovery from alcohol, opioids, heroin, gambling, cocaine and other substance abuse disorders. Our mission is to create lasting outcomes in the lives of the patients we treat. Through multiple assessments by our medical professionals, we develop personalized treatment plans that focus on both short-term and long-term goals. We understand that substance abuse and addiction is a private matter, and as such, we take the privacy of our patients, their families, and referral agencies very seriously. That’s why our programs and facility are designed to protect the privacy of everyone involved. With the help of our compassionate team, you can begin the journey toward recovery and finally overcome your addiction.

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Realistic Recovery in the Real World

Professional Treatment Centers provides outpatient treatment to help patients face their problems while participating in their every- day activities, such as work, family interaction, daily stress and marital problems. We believe this is the best method to achieve success and prevent relapse. 

We use a combination of medications and behavioral therapy, along with alternative services like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, exercise (yoga), massage, electronic chiropractic and nutritional supplementation to lessen withdrawal and cravings as we repurpose the neural pathways in the brain.

We believe we give our patient’s the all the tools they need to successfully overcome their addictive behavior. Partner with us to reach your goals and relief from addiction problems.

Our Purpose

“To significantly improve the lives of culturally diverse patients and their families many of who are faced with alcohol, drug and other substance use disorder problems”


Neurotherapeutic Addiction Associates, Inc. (NAA), d/b/a Professional Treatment Centers, is a Florida Corporation (the Company), was formed “to own and operate chemical dependence, alcoholism, drug and/or substance abuse services”, additional addiction services including heroin, cocaine, benzo’s, gambling, weight-loss, sexual, nutritional deficiencies, especially brain and gut health complications, sleep deprivation, marijuana and smoking cessation.

Overcome Addiction Without Putting Your Life on Hold

We specialize in outpatient recovery from alcohol, opioids and other substance use disorders while our patients continue to work and live in the real world. Protecting the privacy of our patients, their families and referral agencies is very important to us. Personalized treatment plans are focused on both short-term and long-term goals that we establish through multiple assessments by our treatment team members. Creating lasting outcomes in the lives of those we treat is our mission.

Treatment Protocols

The Treatment Protocols used by Professional Treatment Centers are the combined efforts of researchers, clinicians, physicians, and administrative personnel, and would be considered the latest technology available for the treatment of substance use disorders focused on evidenced based research. The alcohol, cocaine and opioid protocols, which are delivered by expertly trained doctors, nurses and therapists, are uniquely different from traditional and/or conventional treatment programs and provide a needed alternative, in part due to:

  • The historically poor success rate of traditional/conventional treatments.
  • The traditional system of abstinence – public self-disclosure and group therapy, which has been the standard of care for the past 65 years, may not work effectively for the vast majority of alcoholics and opioid substance abusers according to the latest clinical studies.
  • Abstinence of alcohol is not the only acceptable treatment goal.
  • A growing recognition that excessive alcohol drinking and opioid abuse are both learned behaviors that can lead to a disease state and are not inevitable diseases in and of themselves.
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Why Our Treatment Protocols Are Successful

The various protocols to be used by PTC are successful because they utilize psychopharmacological and non-addictive anti-craving FDA approved medications, which normally increase the patient’s motivation to achieve control over the amount of alcohol he/she drinks or the amount of opioid consumed, together with a regimen of cognitive behavioral therapy, with emphasis on underlying causation. These protocols are evidenced based and follow closely the outline of the clinical trials conducted over five years by 11 major University research programs.

Patients, families and employers will seek treatment because:
  • For most, alcohol / drug craving is significantly diminished, if not usually eliminated.
  • Outpatient treatment is cost effective and more patient friendly.
  • New options are available for people who have previously failed with their attempts to stop drinking or using drugs, or have refused conventional methods and would otherwise remain untreated.
  • Privacy and strict confidentiality are assured.
  • PTC has proven methods of treatment.
  • PTC provides unique treatment programs with medications to reduce or eliminate craving, accompanied by cognitive-based therapies, case management, aftercare treatment and to addressing the underlying diagnosis, which drive addictions in excess of 96% of the time.
  • Emphasis will be placed on the need for more empathetic care and treatment of culturally diverse linguistically appropriate patients on the need for dual diagnosis treatment, which recently has become more recognized as crucial to successful outcomes.
  • Use of alternative and nutritional therapies within a holistic health and wellness environment will assist certain patients having difficulty or struggling with drinking or drug habits.
  • The development of less expensive treatment technologies to expand coverage for all patients.
  • The new protocols embracing IV treatment and nutritional supplementation offers new opportunity for choice of treatment methodology.
  • Use of the new drug implantable Probuphine, a new alternative for opioid abuse.
  • New FDA approved electronic devises for more rapid rehabilitation are now proliferating and offer exciting new strategies for treatment solutions for methadone and other time release opioids.

Start Your Journey Today

Our treatment center is here to lend a helping hand whenever you’re ready. Whether you are facing an addiction to alcohol, opiates, cocaine, gambling or you suffer from other mental health issues, our team can help you face your problem head-on and defeat it. Our team of doctors, therapists, and counselors work together to develop a treatment plan while integrating other treatment like nutrition, exercise, hypnotherapy massage, and more. Call us today to set up a phone consultation and free assessment where you can discuss your concerns and treatment options.

Putting Lives On Track…Instead of on Hold